Sunday, March 6, 2011

Beauty and the Beast_Two Worlds

This is an illustration based on the Fairy Tale "Beauty and the Beast" in my vision.

It's my take on the original story to Beauty and the Beast. I wanted it to show two separate worlds. Beauty's bright happy village by the sea with calm and peaceful happy workers. Then on the opposite side you have the Beast's world which is always night and the waves are rough against the castle's edge. Both roads lead to the other if you have the ability to break through the barrier of good and evil that separates it. I went with a design unlike any beast's I've seen out there. I thought to go with a more deer type look with a more heroic attire. Opposite of that is Beauty. I gave her a more normal attire of young ladies at court. The headpiece is a foreshadowing of an angel's halo to signify the good of her being in conjunction to the horror of a beast.

This was a huge undertaking for an illustration. It went through many iterations until finally I believe I'm happy with it...for now.

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  1. Such a nice illustration. I love your drawings. You're so talented!