Thursday, April 22, 2010

Comic Preview

Here is a preview of one of my pages of my Comic Book I've been busy working on. I am now 25% finished. Which means 24 pages. There will be 100 pages for book 1. The series will consist of 3 volumes total and one origin story on one of the characters. It will be free online as a web comic. However the origin story will cost a little since I have to figure out a way to make a little bit of money off this. I will print it out on books that will be sold online and at conventions when I finally launch (hopefully next year).

I took it to get scanned and it turned out looking horrible. I'm going to have to find a way around this since my scanner isn't big enough. Anyone have any suggestions with scanner options?

I can't give anything away about the characters or the plot till it gets copyrighted. Sorry guys. Its worth the wait though I promise.

Artwork ©Jessa Sininger

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Princess and the Frog Art

This was a speed painting of my idea for the Princess and the Frog. My hand is so going to fall off right now. It took around maybe 3-4 hours to finish. I'm the odd artist where when I get an idea to draw/paint something I can't just log it away for later I have to paint it right away no matter what I'm doing. I get that way with movies and shows as well. I have to watch what I put in since I'm susceptible to being influenced into doing art for it. I'm trying to practice in different forms of art. This would be concept art. After seeing this movie I was so excited. The last time I was excited about a Disney movie was either Mulan or Tarzan whichever came last. So I finally did some fanart for this lovely movie. Its a long time coming. It was tough keeping it loose and gestural. I didn't use any sketches or reference for this piece. I free hand painted the whole piece. Hope you enjoy!

Can you spot all the main characters from the movie in this piece?

Oh and my favorite character from this movie has to be Dr. Facilier. Not only is Keith David a wonderful voice actor (Goliath from Gargoyles-yay) but his design, personality, and animation were show stopping. The part where he's singing and he jumps in the air in slow mo gotta say I kept replaying that part about 50 times. I think I have a thing with villains for some reason. They're always my favorite!

Colored in Painter
Artwork ©Jessa Sininger

Star Wars Kids

Here's one of my side projects. I had the idea to sketch my favorite Star Wars characters as children. Yes I know there is no way Padme, Anakin, and Han Solo can be about the same age. Simmer down ubber fans. This is my take on some of the characters in the universe. I loved the idea of teaming up a fun loving cheerful girl with a smart alec prankster as well as a devoted quiet but angry child. The result is some of the shenanigans they get themselves in.

Star Wars ©George Lucas
Artwork ©Jessa Sininger