Thursday, August 27, 2009

Some Old Landscape Backgrounds

So I came across some old art that I've done back when I went to college. As you know I'm not a big fan of drawing backgrounds. These were done for a class that was all about digital background painting so it forced me to do it. I decided to post these. They were done in 05 I believe.

Expect some new art going up this weekend. One will be my Drawergeek topic. I have been watching tutorials on painter and am ready to try my hand in it hopefully this weekend. Since shark week went by not too long ago I thought I'd do my spin on it. I am a huge fan of sharks and love shark week when it premiers. Also I drew up a nice portrait as well to paint in painter. I don't know when I'll be posting those though since it will be my first time using the program and it may take a bit to experiment in what with all the brushes and I think I'm going to be at work this Saturday so that will cut into my painting time.

Pencil sketches, colored in Photoshop CS
© Jessa Sininger