Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ruby Animation Layout

This is some keyframes I'm going to put bordering my concept art pages for Ruby and the Magic Carpet.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ruby and the Magic Carpet_Character Roughs

Ruby is a curious little girl who dreams of adventure. One day she meets an unusual friend who happens to be a magic carpet...

This is one of my concepts for my Art of Book I'm working on. Its called "Ruby and the Magic Carpet". These are the rough sketches of the character in various poses. Its a look into how I sketch my characters from the starting point. After this comes refining and detail. I decided to make the style a bit rolie polie with a bit more smoothness to it.

I will upload a page of a couple of the characters when its final. You will get to see about half and the other half will only be viewable in the book.

The final will consist of a bunch of illustrations, a small comic, and character designs of the concept.

Ruby and the Magic Carpet
© Jessa Sininger