Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Trial of Alice

This is an Illustration based on the Fairy Tale "Alice in Wonderland" in my vision. As with all the other illustrations in this collection I'm doing my influence on the original story. Word to the wise 10 characters in a single composition is hell on wheels. This piece took forever to finish. It went through many iterations till it reached this result. I wanted this pallet to be very saturated in color and take on the look of the children's story book illustrations that pop off the pages with color. Originally the Mad Hatter was to be in a tweed jacket but once I painted it it really cluttered the piece and I had to choose a more simple approach. Simplicity seemed to be the key with this busy composition so I had to pull back from doing the usual textures I love to do with clothing. I'm finally happy to shelf this for a bit and work on the next illustration on the list.

45 hours
© Jessa Sininger

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  1. Such a nice illustration. Alice in wonderland was one of my favourite books as a kid. The characters are so genuine and quirky and your illustration reflects perfectly their madness :)